Celebrating Excellence: Boddington's GSG Gold Awards Recipients

Tue, 30 Apr 2024

Dear Team,

We are pleased to recognise the exceptional efforts and contributions of several outstanding team members who have demonstrated remarkable dedication and commitment to excellence. Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the GSG Awards:

Continuous Improvement

  • David Morgan: Consistently improving the Security team through ongoing support, training, and mentoring. David has implemented changes that allow the team to grow and thrive.
  • Michael De Gooijer: Always striving to improve himself and learn new systems, Michael's dedication to personal development sets a commendable example for his peers.

david_morgan_1_.jpg michael_degooijer_1_.jpg


Outstanding Performance

  • Patrick Doherty: Stepping into the Team Leader Role, Patrick has provided invaluable guidance to the Security Team, ensuring smooth operations and effective leadership.
  • Scott Joseph: By assisting with the onboarding of new starters, Scott has played a crucial role in integrating new team members and fostering a positive and supportive work environment.
  • Malcolm Wehi: Stepping out of his comfort zone and into the Security Control Room, Malcolm has exhibited a willingness to learn new skills and procedures, demonstrating adaptability and a commitment to excellence.

scott_joseph_1_.jpg malcolm_wehi_1_.jpg

In recognition of their outstanding achievements, each recipient has been awarded a $100 gift voucher as a token of our appreciation.

Congratulations to David, Michael, Patrick, Scott, and Malcolm on their well-deserved recognition. Your hard work, dedication, and positive contributions are truly appreciated and make a significant impact on our team's success.

Thank you for your continued commitment to excellence and for embodying the values of Gold Security Group.


Aleksandar Borkovic - Managing Director

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