Community Engagement & Support 

Variety WA Events 

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Gold Security Group is proud to provide paramedical support services for the Variety Bash and other Variety WA fundraising events for the last seven (7) years.  This includes;

  • variety.jpgVariety WA Bash;
  • Variety WA Creative Car Crusie;
  • Variety WA Motorcycle Run;
  • Special Needs Childrens Annual Christmas Party. 
  • Santa Fun Run

To find out more about the following events,
and/or how you can contribute to Variety Bash - click the following links; 

Variety WA Bash Information

Variety WA Creative Car Cruise Information

Variety Childrens Christmas Party Information


Special Air Services Regiment (S.A.S) Resources Fund


2011 SAS Resources Fund Perth Charity Dinner - Pictured (Left to Right); Malcolm Evans, (Former Australian Prime Minister) John Howard, Peter Grant, Aleksandar Borkovic


Gold Security Group is proud to support the SAS Resources Fund.

The Special Air Service Resources Fund is a perpetual trust fund that assists current and former members of the SAS Regiment (as well as dependants of those members) who are in need of relief or support. The primary beneficiaries are the dependants of SAS soldiers who are killed or severely disabled in, or as a result of, operations or training. The Fund also assists the families of other ADF personnel who are killed or disabled while working alongside the SAS Regiment in SASR controlled operations or training.

To find out more about the SAS Resource Fund and/or how you can contribute - click on the following link; 

S.A.S Resources Fund Information 

Go Gold Australia for Childhood Cancer

Gold Security Group has provided support for the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In 2015, Gold Security Group was very excited to donate ten (10) android tablets and various children's toys for the Kids Cancer Project. 

To find out more about Go Gold Australia and/or how you can contribute - click the following link; 

Go Gold Australia Information

Princess Margaret Hospital 

Christmas 2015, Gold Security Group (International) made a donation of fifty (50) android tablets to Perth's - Princess Maragaret Hospital; Children's Ward.  A letter from the CEO described the joy children had playing with the tablets on christmas day.