Gold Security Group is a niche provider of security officer services and has recognised the need to provide an up-skilled experienced security officer to provide an emergency response to a variety of first aid and critical response emergencies.

We have concentrated our efforts on servicing the mining sector for the provision of world class quality security first responder officers. We recognise that the mining and resources sector requires a higher calibre of security personnel and superior quality of service.

Furthermore, Clients from this industry are prepared to pay a modest premium for this higher standard of service. Cost is not the only factor which determines the most suitable security contractor for a project. Our client construction / mining /port / rail projects are looking for the best œvalue for money provider of security services for their operations. GSG is a diversified service provider which can deliver services that compliment and add value to the supply of security personnel contract.

Security First Responder's (SFR's) provided by GSG are an important on-site management tool, that provide and enhance the emergency services capability on site.

SFR's will be subjected to critical screening prior to recruitment as well as ongoing evaluation for performance management and quality assurance purposes. In addition to Security Officer duties, our SFR's will be able to;

Provide an immediate basic life support response to a medical emergency including oxygen equipment use and defibrillation in cardiac arrest;

Competently assist Emergency Service Officers and Paramedical staff with equipment, treatment, extrication and transport of patients;


Competently assist Emergency Response Team members in responding to;

  • Urban Fire Fighting -  Pump Operations;
  • Road Crash Rescue;
  • Hazardous Entry - Breathing Apparatus;
  • Scene Control - HAZMAT.