GSG Variety Bash 2019

Wed, 14 Aug 2019

GSG had the distinct pleasure of once again being apart of the charitable event - WA Variety Bash 2019.

The WA Variety Bash runs for 8 days and the route and destinations change each year.


"The event involves plenty of off-road driving in the old Bash cars, fun entertainment and engagement with the local communities, including school stop-offs to give out Variety grants and to entertain the kids. We keep you entertained at themed parties at night, along with plenty of fun-stops throughout the day to keep you in good spirits all day and all night long. 

The Variety Bash has an exemplary safety record. All cars are tracked during the day by officials, who are in contact via HF radio and satellite phone, along with 24/7 support from experienced Officials on the event. The Variety Bash has its own team of paramedics and has full contact with hospitals, motor workshops and local authorities. In addition, all cars are checked over prior to the event, and a team of Mobile Workshop mechanics attend the event to assist entrants with car problems."

This year our very own Manager Emergency Services; Mark Tompsett drove the GSG off-road vehicle and GSG helped with the medical side of the event. Providing assistance where needed.

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