Global Corporate Challenge

Thu, 24 May 2012

Today two teams from Gold Security Group have started their commitment to a healthier life style by participating in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), over the next sixteen weeks.

 The GCC is the world's largest and most exiting corporate health initiative. The GCC tackles the global health issues resulting from longer workdays, sedentary occupations and little or no exercise. In 2012 the GCC will help 180,000 participants from 90 countries and well over 1500 organisations.
 The GCC promotes team work, fitness and supports the workplace to be active, healthy and more productive.
GSG has two teams of seven in each team who now regularly measure their daily exercise regimes and engage in healthier eating habits. The teams are now on a virtual world tour. Their steps are plotted daily and converted to kilometres travelled.
The end result being the more active each team becomes, the further they go, the healthier they become and the more productive the organisation becomes!
Go the web site, for more information.
We will keep you posted on our progress as we travel the world!

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